To all of our Friends, Neighbors and Founding Members:

Visions had its last day of operation on Thursday, September 23rd after four amazing years of operation.  While our financial success in the last year and half was not what we hoped, we are proud to have played an important part in the renaissance of intelligent, independent film in Washington, DC.  Our continued artistic success and the support you have shown for our many innovative programs proves that Washington cares about quality, value-added programming.   THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THE VISIONS FAMILY! 
To celebrate our dear staff, customers and investors and the special role that Visions has played in the community, we would like to throw one last party to thank everyone whose hard work and commitment to the arts helped us to make a go of it in the first place.
We hope you will join us this Sunday night, September 26, from 6 pm to 2 am, as the Visions community comes together for one final blow-out party at the theater.  This party is free and open to the public.   In typical Visions style we will be having special events -- we will be selling movie posters and other Visions stuff.

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Please plan to join us Sunday, share some fond remembrances and say farewell to our unique venue.  And again, on behalf of all of us at Visions, THANK YOU!
Andrew Frank, President
Jonathan Zuck, Vice President
Andrew Mack, Vice President
Liz Matheos, General Manager
The Visions Staff: Samina, Sarah, Adam, Sean, Matt, Tim, Paul, Tony, Jessica, Deysha, Eduardo, Brad, Lauren, Jose, Whitney, Tristan and Angele


As of 11:59 pm Thursday, September 23 we will no longer be accepting Founding Member cards, Gift Cards and Fast Passes as payment forms.

We are in the process of trying to negotiate an agreement with various parties to see what, if any, benefits and incentives they might be willing to offer our 450 loyal founding members. We will let you know if and when we are successful.
Thanks again for your continued support!

Visions bar noir management